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Burt allegedly hit the man before he struck another woman in the head, and the man ran to a nearby car.

Police said the man was taken to the hospital, where he is said to be expected to survive his injuries.

An hour after his arrest, Burt was given $30,000 bail and placed in custody.

Burt allegedly struck the man with a brick on a crowded road outside the town. The man was allegedly driving a truck at speed with tinted windows.

On his way back to prison, he allegedly threw the brick into a bush and was arrested again. He's charged with assault and criminal damage to property.

While in custody, Burt allegedly told one of the officers he wanted to hit the officer in the face, but he's seen standing there with a knife in a shirt under his shirt in a video the police obtained.

A photo also shows Burt, wearing what appears to be a grey shirt, wearing a white undershirt over a blue jacket when he was caught by police.

Police said the man they'd arrested in the video, 23-year-old Andrew Durn, was not in court at the time of his arrest but is expected to appear at a later date.

Ipswich man sentenced over attempted explosives attack - News 12

16 March, 2017 - Home affairs minister Theresa Villiers said: "I am pleased the jury found Jeremy Thomas innocent.

"I accept that the evidence against Jeremy Thomas was overwhelming. The Government has taken the actions that were necessary to prevent any further terror attack and I ask for your prayers."

The court heard Thomas had threatened to carry out an attack on a London airport, with the message: "If you have not heard by 7.30pm, there is a bomb inside my plane".

The jury heard he had been radicalised to the point where he wanted to join a group and became convinced about his radical views while living in Germany.

But prosecutors claimed he also expressed frustration over his father not having "the means to do what he wished", while Thomas himself had threatened to attack a mosque he visited during a trial in November 2014.

He had received no support from fellow inmates and was taken to a unit in Bartsgill prison for mental health issues.

The jury also heard Thomas, who had a history of mental health issues, had spent much of his teenage years at a local children's home, with reports of him making violent comments on visitors.

A man who became Thomas' accomplice on the day of the attempted attack was not convicted over the plot and was granted bail pending sentencing on 7 May.

Boris Johnson

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He was cleared at the same time that the former defence minister Boris Johnson, the justice secretary, was acquitted on sexual harassment charges.

The trial was told Johnson had made sexual advances towards a teenage boy, but he did not call police on him.

In a separate incident in November 2016, a senior Conservative source told a judge the MP had made an offensive telephone call to a female Tory supporter which prompted another man to intervene.

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